History and Inspiration

HoloZing is the brainchild of longtime Hive user and contributor @acidyo (Acid), who is perhaps best known for growing and running the OCD (Original Content Decentralized) and POSH (Proof Of Sharing) projects on Hive.

Work on HoloZing began in 2023 when web2 platforms handicapped the main usage of his POSH project through unrealistic API costs. POSH had been built on years of effort, but suddenly needed more use cases for the token. Acid considered connecting the POSH to other projects on Hive, but nothing quite fit his requirements in terms of operation or tokenomics. Instead, he decided to finally pull the trigger on his gaming idea he had been working on for years but never found the perfect moment to start.

Similar to OCD, POSH, HoloZing aims to be a bootstrapped effort, funded mostly through blood, sweat, and tears. No founder’s shares, venture capital, angel investors, etc. The only significant injection for the game’s economy will come from the POSH project: a fairly distributed economy that lives on the same ecosystem as HoloZing. The goal is to make it as fair as possible for the players and passive investors from the very start.

This is a passion project for Acid—an avid gamer since childhood with tons of experience across genres and platforms. He loved the Pokemon-franchise when he was a teenager, and graduated to more competitively complex titles as he got older. When web3 entered the gaming scene, at first he couldn’t understand the criticism it received from the masses—in his eyes, web3’s ownership and incentive opportunities held massive promise to the whole sector. As he delved more deeply into the web3 gaming projects that were out there, it became apparent that most had little to no vision, misunderstood or didn’t care about blockchain based systems, and were focused chiefly on short-term gain (or outright fraud).

HoloZing seeks to be the polar opposite: a collectible-based game with a sense of accomplishment, competitiveness, smart incentives and an ever-growing and evolving ecosystem that allows for cross-compatibility of in-game assets. Most importantly, the capacity to share the value generated between everyone participating. This is what the true promise of decentralized gaming can offer, and it is what Acid and his team are working hard to build.

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