The $ZING token

$ZING is the game’s main currency. It is used for many things in-game, including:

  • Item recharges (e.g. your Capturing Device)

  • Crafting gear and gear upgrades/enhancements

  • Crafting consumables along with other materials

  • Cosmetics

  • Tournament entry

  • Progression

Because HoloZing is a Web3 game, you are able to trade or send $ZING tokens to anyone else who has a Hive Engine wallet (whether they play the game or not is irrelevant). The game cannot do anything to your $ZING—it belongs only to the person who holds the cryptographic keys to the Hive Engine wallet.

It is also possible to “stake” $ZING tokens. This means you make them unusable and untradable (but you still own and control them). If you wish to un-stake the tokens, you must wait for a predetermined amount of time before you can get them back (four weeks is a common timeframe). Doing this can help bring stability to the token economy, and it sends a signal to everyone else that you won’t sell or use these tokens for a while. Most of the distribution will occur in staked Zing while some rewards may happen in liquid Zing.

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