Transferring assets

Moving your assets from in-game to on-chain requires the signing of a blockchain transaction. On many blockchains, this costs “gas” and can be prohibitively expensive.

HoloZing is built on the Hive blockchain and ecosystem, meaning that transfer fees are 100% free. Hive uses something called Resource Credits (RC) to pay for gas. Every Hive account has a small amount of RC that recharges every day. You can get much more RC by staking $HIVE tokens as Hive Power (HP).

If you are transferring your $ZING tokens infrequently (e.g. once or twice a day), you will never need to worry about RC or HP.

If you want to participate in more complex and involved Hive actions (e.g. buying/selling $ZING, transferring NFTs, performing certain actions in-game that rely on the Hive blockchain, earning crypto by posting about Zing or other topics on Hive), we recommend acquiring and staking about 10 $HIVE to be able to do this comfortably. Other Hive users can also delegate you both HP or RC, so if you cannot afford the $HIVE, ask a guildmate or friend.

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