@acidyo - Founder, Game Design Lead Having been a blockchain enthusiast for over a decade and a gamer for even longer, he wants to create something long-lasting and fun for people to enjoy the advantages that this technology makes possible. With a couple of big projects already up and running and having stood the test of time on Hive, he aims to give players and investors the value they can't find anywhere else while being part of a gaming ecosystem.

GameSuper Blame - Game Networking Engineer Blame has accumulated over 8 years of experience in game development, during which he has created a diverse range of 2D and 3D games. He has had the opportunity to participate in several large-scale online games powered by blockchain technology, which aim to foster a strong sense of community among players. He firmly believes that the world of gaming has the power to enrich and enhance our lives, making them more exciting and beautiful. As a game developer, his ultimate dream is to create a widely beloved online game that provides players with an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.

@rishi556 - Back-end developer and Hive integration Rishi is a seasoned software developer with a lot of experience in the exciting world of blockchain technology. With multiple years of work on the Hive blockchain, Rishi has honed his skills to develop the best possible solutions. Alongside his software development knowledge, he's familiar with both system and network engineering making for a very experienced developer.

@asgarth - Blockchain Developer Creator of several web3 projects and Full Stack Web3 developer with a passion for turning code into captivating experiences for the community.

@jfuji - Content and Game Design With a background in professional writing and marketing, jfuji has always been fascinated by the psychology that drives exciting game experiences. From storytelling to flow state engineering, he believes gaming is the ultimate creative playground. jfuji is a trailblazer in web3 serial publishing, using Hive to release tell on-chain novels part by part. Since discovering Hive in early 2022, he has supported many of the ecosystem’s communities and projects in marketing, creative communication, and more. @rubencress - Creative Director Ruben Cress, a Dutch creative professional with a Bachelor's in Motion Graphic Design, is a renowned Commercial Photographer and Creative Director. Ruben is an active member of the Hive Blockchain community for over five years and is passionate about playing the piano, (Web3) gaming, and blockchain tech. @hiddenblade - Art As an artist with a fine arts background, hiddenblade has been creating art in digital medium and working with the use of blockchain technology since 2018. As one of the pioneers in cryptoart scene, she has gained experience and networking around the NFT art space. Her role in the project includes polishing of the art and creating some of the illustrations for the website.

@strawhat - Game and level Design Strawhat is a passionate Game and Level Designer with a lifelong love for gaming. Their journey began as a dedicated gamer, exploring countless games and understanding what makes them tick. Beyond that, they've founded the largest gaming community on the Hive Blockchain, creating a space for gamers to create and collaborate for over seven years. They play games whenever possible and are driven by the belief that games have the power to inspire individuals.

@mobbs - Music Having pursued music since an early age, mobbs has made a career out of being a composer for games, films and commercials, a choir director and all-round music educator. Best of the lot, composing for games is historically a goldmine of musical adventure, as all traditional rules and restrictions need not apply. Mobbs has been publishing music education and reviews on hive for over 6 years, as well as sharing various performances and composing for hive commercial videos.

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